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One of Vakoms’ core fields of expertise is web development. We specialize in unique and complex tailor-made web products. Also, we can be your reliable partner for each separate phase of development, starting from concept and strategy, and finishing with design, product release and support.

Vakoms offers a full range of custom web software developments:

Webportals and sites
Products for internal enterprise use
Web applications
Web services
Web design
Social network applications
We Develop Products for a Vast Variety of Fields

Here are some of them:

Back End

Behind every great application, there is a strong back-end. From simple apps to complex enterprise software, we provide back-end development tailored to your specific business needs. Keep your server-side code secure and maintainable with advanced frameworks and our skills. Your app stays functional and responsive, whatever type it is.

Key technologies:
Ruby on Rails, Node.js, Go..

Back End technologies
Front End technologies, CSS3, Angular, Angular.js, Rect.js

Front End

A well-crafted skeleton without a nice face is no big deal for end users. And that’s where our frontend craftsmen come into play. Proficient in all contemporary web development technologies, they are committed to making your website or application user friendly, smart-looking, functional and optimized for a whole range of devices.

Key technologies:
JavaScript, AngularJS, ReactJS, TypeScript, HTML, CSS.

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