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Hukso - Web Application Development for Health & Wellness Startup


Hukso is a London-based startup helping companies to create a healthier working environment. The company takes unique assessments of the working culture and environment, as well as physical and psychosocial status of each employee. Based on this data, Hukso team provides detailed company reports and ways for improvement.


The main goal is to prevent the negative outcomes of employee disengagement, such as:

To this purpose, Hukso decided to build a dedicated web platform gathering, analyzing and sharing all companies’ data. The website should let office employees, and account admins access the questionnaires and make the necessary changes.


Hukso was looking for a custom web development company to build a feature-rich online platform. Vakoms was chosen due to our rich experience in web app development and the key focus on promising startups.

The cooperation started in December 2017. At that moment, the Client had only a landing page.

After a detailed requirements’ study, we assigned the following team for this project:

The web platform had to be aligned with existing Hukso brand style & colors. On the initial stage, we created wireframes and mockups of the healthcare web application. In 2 month, the prototypes were approved by the client, so we could proceed to their implementation.

hukso web

Using Python and Angular framework, we created a simple yet stylish online platform. It was also tested for performance, security and usability, ensuring that everything runs seamlessly. In 5 month, Hukso web app development was finished.


The first web service version was ready in June 2018.

It is aimed at three main roles:

Later the Client offered two pricing plans: Basic and Premium.

The Basic Plan includes employee questionnaires on various aspects: dietary, physical activity, lifestyle, psychosocial and cultural state. Once an employee answers all questions, the web platform calculates an individual health score, ranging it by categories: Inadequate, Adequate or Exemplary. The online portal also generates a detailed report on user’s physical & psychosocial health. Via a personal account, they can see stress level, water balance, social support and other metrics.

The Premium plan also includes a study of working environment and employee’ biometrics provided by Hukso team. A specialized staff measures lightning, air quality and other metrics inside a company and adds this to the web portal. Then, the web platform calculates general company scoring and provides recommendations for poor, fair and idea health culture.

A company manager can view detailed company statistics via his dashboard.


Thanks to web development services by Vakoms, the healthcare startup has managed to improve the workplace wellbeing of office employees. Scheduling assessments, adding measurements, viewing and analyzing reports - you can do it all via the unique online platform.

The assessments might be taken twice a year to monitor the changes and view the progress in a long period of time.

hukso hukso hukso

Technology Stack

  • Python (Django)
  • Angular
  • AWS cloud platform
  • Docker
  • PostgreSQL
python django angularjs
aws cloud platform docker postgresql

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