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The Advanced Web Art Gallery
to Allow Artists to Find Fans and Buyers
for Their Works


Artshare - a startup from Hong Kong developing the first online global platform dedicated to the contemporary art of Asia.

Business Need

There are a number of services which demonstrate tons of artworks and allow users to buy them. But that’s not really the point of art. People need to dive into the world of pictures they see, as they do on real exhibitions or museums.

The challenge was to create a service capable of giving users the required experience. It had to be technologically advanced and personal, where the best of Asian art could be felt, not only seen.


The Client came to Vakoms with the raw version of the Artshare website. To turn it into the desired platform we did the following:

The Front End was developed with HTML, Javascript, and CSS, while Back End was done using the Python language and Django web framework.

Now Artshare is a unique place where the most recent works of Asian contemporary artists can be viewed in a special way. Each month you can find a new curated online exhibition of 10 latest pieces. They are photographed in world’s trusted museums, galleries and private collections, which helps art lovers to discover new artists. By the way, every painter gets personal page on the website.

To maximally approach the online viewing experience to a real one, Artshare offers unique tools:

On top of that, Artshare provides two important options for real art lovers and collectors:


Artshare.com has attracted lots of attention of local and international media, including the Internet, print, radio and television. It is called a unique dynamic platform for art collectors in the digital age. The service has gained the support of Art Advisory Committee consisting of the most respected and influential figures in the Asian art.

Technology Stack

  • JavaScript
  • Python
  • Django
  • AWS EC2
  • HTML
  • CSS
  • MySQL
  • South
  • Facebook API
  • Twitter API

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